Confused on making a grab attack

Im fairly new to scripting, I know the basics but im not super advanced, ive been interested in learning about making grab attacks, For example: Player 1 hits Player 2, this causes Player 2 to be stuck to Player 1’s hand, and Player 1 throws Player 2 causing damage, Ive looked all over devforum, youtube, and some other sites but I havent found anything explaining how to do something like this

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Welding can be your answer.

Well first you would need a grab animation, then from there you could use the function Animation.KeyframeReached(keyframeName) to initiate when you use a WeldConstraint to attach player 2 to the hand of player 1. From there you could insert a BodyVelocity to the HumanoidRootPart of Player 2 and launch Player 2 in whatever direction you want.