Confused on what ProfileStore:WipeProfileAsync does

My game is currently broken due to data regression and I’m trying to find efficient ways to reset my game’s data as i’m using ProfileService.

I’ve used ProfileService in the past and It’s caused the error “player id … could not be found” when I used WipeProfileAsync.

Is WipeProfileAsync used to remove a players data when they will never be joining the game or is it a standard reset of their data like DataStore:RemoveAsync on the API.

Hey Violet_sheer, it exactly does as you think!

This function calls DataStore:RemoveAsync(DataStoreKey) when it’s called, so you could say it’s an alias to RemoveAsync.

Additionally, returns a boolean if the request was successful or not. (You might need this to check if the data was actually wiped or Roblox just rejected your request)

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