Confusing HumanoidDescription RemoteEvent Behaviour

Hello DevForum,
I’m having a bit of trouble with a custom character system I’m making. I’m using a HumanoidDescription to describe the appearance of characters in-game, however the changes to the HumanoidDescription are ignored when I send the HumanoidDescription over to the server by way of RemoteEvent.

Here’s my code: (screenshot since DevForum formatting is not working)

Client Code

Server Code


It may be important to note that if the values of the HumanoidDescription are changed before run time, these values are reflected on the server. However, those during run time (scripted) are not.

Update 1
Cloning the HumanoidDescription and parenting the clone to ReplicatedStorage results in the HumanoidDescription on the server not existing (Line 24 returning nil). Why, I have no idea.

Thank you

Due to the issue of replication (I don’t fully understand why), I instead constructed the HumanoidDescription on the server and it now works.

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