Confusion about looping datastores to retry failures

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    I want to safeguard my datastores, The best way I see seems to be retrying to data
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    Since i’m not the best scripter I used a devfourm material (link below) to try to understand but im just not sure how to connect. I mainly dont understand how to take the data from the datastore and bring it into the game if the datastore is successful.
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    I tried switching the local success,response part to local data and setting the get async to equal the data but i dont know when to set the value to equal the data. Basically, im really confused
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    Link to the tutorial for reference: Pcalls - When and how to use them
-- Heres the part of the tutorial i used

local DataStore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("MyData")
local success, response --Don't need to define yet
local count = 0 --1

while not success do --2
    if count >= 1 then
        warn("Retrying, count:", count, "\nError:", response) --3
        wait(7) --4

    success, response = pcall(DataStore.GetAsync, DataStore, "key") --5
    count = count + 1 --6

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Hi, OP of the tutorial here.

In this example the data retrieved from the DataStore will be the response variable, it is named that as it could potentially be an error message when success is false.

Hence, after the while loop your data will be stored in response. Hope this clears any confusion.

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