Connect 4 - Feedback

Hi, I’m looking for feedback on my pet project, a Connect 4 clone

How does the game feel to play? What do you think of the UI, thumbnail, icon?


How is the atmosphere of the game? How is the atmosphere of the map? It’s currently big enough for 42 boards to spawn all around the map (the servers are currently 84 players but I may reduce this later if network traffic proves to be an issue)

I don’t currently plan on monetizing this game outside of the Donation product I threw in there, but I’m gonna sponsor it so people can see it. Just wanting to make sure the experience feels polished before players start coming in. Any and all feedback is appreciated


First off I like the concept but I’d suggest you’d do a bot system like that one uno game has just in case there are less then 2 players in a server. This is all I can see once more people join I can give you more of my opinion.

Edit: So I got to play this game and to be honest there isn’t much I’d change other than the map. The game play is enjoyable and entertaining. I could see a bunch of Roblox players including my self playing this game while learning to think ahead and other life skills. Thanks so much for this amazing game and best of luck from John…


For future reference maybe show some imagery from the prospective of the player, or some sort of image of what it’s like in the game.

First of I think you have done a really good job with the logo, I also really liked the UI button effect

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Smooth play, cute UI, fun atmosphere!

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Yeah John I will likely end up adding a bot to play against eventually

I didn’t think it was necessary because you have to play the game to give valid feedback anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

What would you guys change about the map? What could it improve on?

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Very cool thumbnail, love the game idea.

I think you should come up with a different name other than Connect 4. Just to keep it original, other than that it is really cool!

i remember wrathsong leaking this. I think would be cool if we had NPCS so we can play solo

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I’d really like to point out that this game is fairly well-made. I played quite a few matches with absolutely no encountered bugs. There are a few changes I think could be made though to better benefit the game.

The current user-interface is meh in my opinion. It works, but perhaps a Gui-based interface for player invites would be better. It’d really add more of a theme to the game and make it look more ‘artsy’.

Speaking of Gui, I think it’d be really cool to add in a shop. Maybe you could make it so that players could purchase what colors their pieces are (But make it so only the purchaser can see the color to avoid confusion between people that bought the same color). Maybe add in cute face decals for the pieces too just to kinda give it a bit more spice. Winning a game could give the player a certain amount of points.

I also think maybe a gamepass where the player can get more time to think on what move to make would be pretty awesome.

Agreed, and changeable difficulty would be awesome!!

The map was definitely more “blank” feeling. Maybe you could make it more like scenery/outdoors. You could also take the concept from Survive The Disasters games and make the map change every once and a while. For a more community-lead project, I’d highly encourage to have all sorts of builders make maps for you since everyone has their own style.

Still in love with this project! I am very impressed to see such artistic detail that has been put into this!!

There’s an issue where when it switches to your turn, the column it’s focused on isn’t the one your mouse is over until you move your mouse. If you just click right then without moving your mouse, it will move in the column where the arrow is and not in the column where your mouse is. Another issue is the framerate, it looks like the animations aren’t done on the client, the movement of the pieces should be synchronized with the render cycle.

Bots would be neat, connect 4 is solved so it would take some research to implement a perfect AI player, assuming it is possible to run reasonably fast on a single core. If that’s too intense then there are some good heuristics that would make a shallow minimax search a difficult opponent for most players.