Connect CFrame to Understanding CFrame


The API page for CFrame doesn’t even explain what a CFrame is at all. A short description and a link to the article would be great additions


Understanding CFrames should really be updated. All it lists is how inverse CFrames work.


There used to be an amazing article on the old wiki but it no longer exists since they forced the devhub on us



Thanks for the report. This is something we are aware of and will be looking into.


Hi devs,
We have published a completely new article on “Understanding CFrames” (link below). Hopefully this version demystifies CFrames for devs who haven’t really been exposed to them.

FYI, I was unable to find any previous article on the old Wiki that did anything to explain CFrames in an introductory manner. All I could find was some ancient content that discussed rotation matrix math, a topic which is hardly welcoming to any newer dev. :slight_smile:


The article I was talking about was actually one written by one of the old volunteer editors, @EgoMoose, which explained CFrame and Vector math in an amazing level of detail. I’ve since found he’s archived them here

I think it would be awesome to also have an updated page for Vectors which explains some of the things like Dot Product and Cross Product like those which can be found at the above archive.

Thanks for the hard work :grin:

Also, The CFrame Datatype page still doesn’t contain a link to the Understanding CFrames page, which I think would be extremely helpful to new users to be easily directed to these articles. If someone just searches “CFrame Roblox” they’re going to end up on the CFrame page with no idea how to use it.


Happy to help as best I can. :slight_smile:

I think some of the more advanced CFrame topics endured in the following article which may have been written in part (or entirely) by EgoMoose. The page needs some cleanup and reorganization at this point, which I hope to get to in the future.

Thanks also for noting the link-up to the new intro article from the CFrame data type page. I did so just now.