Connecting a module function to an event

I’m trying to connect a event inside 1 module function to run another function inside the module but I keep getting syntax errors:

--The function I'm trying to call on the ExitBus remote
function BusHandler:ExitBus(Player)

--The original function that is initiated when the server starts to setup the connection
function BusHandler:Initiate()
	ExitBus.OnServerEvent:Connect(self:ExitBus) --I also tried adding a () to the end of ExitBus and it did not work either

Anything help would be appreciated thanks :smiley:

If this isn’t an instance, change the : to a . on both the declaration and the event. : is only for defining functions in OOP-like cases.

If you’re instancing this, you’ll need to wrap it in another function to call it with :.