Connecting multiple models

I’d like to be able to tie three models together. When one moves, they all move. This might be a “crowd” of people (let’s say five humanoid characters) that I’d like to treat as one when it is moved, complete with the appropriate animation.

What I have done is create a model that is one humanoid and then duplicated the model. The duplicated models are all placed into the one primary model.

Something like this:

  • Head
  • LeftArm
  • RightArm
  • LeftLeg
  • RightLeg
  • (etc)
  • Person1
    – Head
    – etc
  • Person2
    – Head
    – etc
  • Person3

Normally when I use tween to move a humanoid model from one spot to another. In the above grouping, I’d still like to use the one tween and have all the Persons move together.

I have attempted to use weld and/or rigid constraint… but I can’t seem to get them to work.


This might post might help you

Thank you. I’ll dig into that a bit. Here’s to hoping I can get that to work out. :crossed_fingers: