Connecting two players with a rope constraint

What are you attempting to achieve?
I’m trying to connect two players together with a rope constraint, by connecting the root attachments inside each player’s humanoid root part.

What is the issue?
When the rope constraint connects the two players, one player has really bad input delay/lag and the other is fine. I believe this is because the player that isn’t affected becomes the network owner of the character receiving input lag.

What solutions have you tried so far?
I haven’t really found any solutions to the problem, I tried using SetNetworkOwner on each humanoid root part of the players but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any way I can have it so both players have no input delay when attached by a rope constraint?

Can you send a copy of your rope constraint file?

I have nothing to work with right now (unless I remade the setup by scratch)

All I’m doing is running a local server with 2 players and connecting a rope constraint to their root attachments


I put the code in a server script and there is no issues for either player :slight_smile:

That’s odd, so neither player has any sort of input delay?

nope (as far I noticed) - but then again, I am testing this on a test server (on the same pc)

The issue here is most likely that by attaching a rope to the two players, they become one assembly. Players normally have control over the physics of their own character, but when they turn into one assembly, one of the players gains physics ownership over both. The player who lost physics ownership will notice the lag because the inputs will have to be simulated by the other player (potentially across the globe).

When you test this in a test server you will likely notice no issues because both players are simulated on the same PC, meaning there is no lag. I’m not sure if the IncomingReplicationLag (or whatever the setting is called) in the studio settings will help replicate the behavior you see in an online game.

Unfortunately I am not sure how you would go about fixing this issue as it is a hard one to solve.


What if you just set the NetworkOwner as the server all together? That might yield pretty laggy physics though.

I don’t know, just a thought.

I’ve tried setting the NetworkOwner to the server as well but still no change with one player receiving input delay.

I tried also welding an invisible part to one player’s torso and attaching the rope constraint to that part instead but still does not fix the problem.

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