Connection Status Indicator? Where is it and how to bring it back?

Hi all,
For as many new amazing features are added in each update there are just as many bad changes, removals, or downgrades that have been extremely frustrating. I was working in my studio today and I noticed the connection indicator thing in the top right has been removed, or it has been hidden elsewhere. If it is still a present feature, how can I get it to display again? If not, why was it removed?
This is extremely frustrating as it was very useful during team create sessions and when loading in large models. Having a visible connection indicator was extremely helpful when things were not loading properly or two members of a team create were having connectivity issues.

The connection indicator would normally be up here:

This is what the older UI with the indicator looked like:

The old indicator system would show green during stable connections, yellow with connection establishing/slow, and red when disconnected and trying to reconnect with the servers. This was always extremely helpful and I’d like to restore this to my UI.

UPDATE: I did notice the cloud icon in the top right that displays the message “changes synced to team create” when you hover over it but I still very much preferred the old UI. Is there a way for me to display the circular icons again?

Posting this here because I don’t have the forum permissions to post this under the threads I would like to. This isn’t the only feature change I’ve wanted to be vocal about but cannot due to the permissions system on the forums. If this isn’t in the correct spot I do apologize.