Consistent issues with "Images" section on immediate view of the Toolbox

The images “trending” section is likely always gonna be pretty bad in terms of what results pop up, since it seems quite easy to manipulate. However, at this current moment in time, it’s probably around the worst it’s been.

The content ranges from upsetting to extremely wild & nauseating. I assume that because of recent restrictions being lifted off of rated content has at least something to do with it? Either way, while I can simply close the toolbox, the (Images) section is the first thing you’re greeted with when opening the toolbox.

Roblox either needs to ensure that it does not list (TRENDING) or (MOST POPULAR) or (MOST RATED) images first, because moderation on the site’s images is already below subpar.

I would like to state that I’m not interested in making the moderation system worse than it already is, but there needs to be a better way to ensure that grotesque imagery is not the first thing anyone sees when opening the simple toolbox function. A dropdown list of whatever you need to use first would do.

Thank you for the feedback. We are looking into this.