Console not showing anything, including even printing

I’ve been trying to find out an issue for half an hour and realized that the issue is that scripts just straight up aren’t logging anything into the console. In studio everything logs fine, but in-game it does not.

I even put a basic “hello world” in workspace.

I discovered it after doing this lol.

Print statements are showing up for me when using the in-game server console. Do you have any additional information on why this might be happening specifically for you or your environment?

I’m wondering if you may be running into this issue for other reasons related to expectations around the code running, being published, or being in a new server.

Not sure but if I remove output then it shows the other errors/warnings apparently.

I see a scroll bar there, is it entirely blank when you scroll up and down?

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very perceptive
i did not notice that
and it seems that it does indeed work
i have found the issue ty

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