Console spam: soundservice not enabled

I was playing Pokemon BrickBronze muted for a while. I decide to unmute it, but no sounds are playing. I look in the console to confirm whether or not it’s an FMOD 51 error (which it usually is) and I see this:

The FMOD 51 errors seem kinda random, and this is the first time I’ve seen this console spam client-side. I have seen this console spam server-side twice. No repro steps known.

cc @spotco

By muted, do you mean settings->volume at 0? Or is there another way for players to mute roblox that i don’t know about?

It was a roblox volume mute. For the record, windows has the capability of changing volumes of individual programs, but that wasn’t used here.

Haven’t been able to replicate this in the game client. Do you have any specific steps?

I don’t have any steps. Like I said before, it seems to happen randomly, and it’s not common. I wish I could be of more help.