Console - What is this outline?

I’m trying to optimize my UI for console support. When I was testing, I noticed I could enable an outline thing to navigate the UI. What is this outline called? Are there events or properties I can code into my script to automatically enable this outline whenever? And can I customize it to fit my UI?


I think it’s just called UI Navigation, You can actually enable it on pc too by hitting the backslash key

there’s some stuff about UI Navigation here:

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you can enable it with the ui navigation system
it is called “ui navigation”

Annoying “UI navigation” feature that toggles on when you press \. you can thankfully disable it in game settings. As for scripting, I dont believe there is any way to manipulate this

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This UI navigation outline is crucial for console players.
Alternatively, instead of just having this outline and moving it with the thumbsticks which can be quite a hassle, you can also enable the UI navigation cursor in StarterGui’s properties.