Consolidated API Page does not have your authorization token

The API docs page; does not have your auth token, this can make it painful to test APIs as the majority of Roblox APIs require it

Whether this is an intentional choice is beyond me, since why would you have the SEND button if you don’t have the authenticated user. The other docs pages on the APIs themselves have your token, which makes the request valid

This also confuses me in where it sends the request from, since the base request itself through a URL would return a valid GET request, and not an error.

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While we’re on this topic the consolidated page isn’t up to date either, so I would recommend just using the respective API pages found on this github.

Ok so I did some reading into what auth tokens are and apparently they come in as auth tickets with these endpoints -

I tried to generate an auth ticket for myself on the docs page but it looks like the request was never sent, no idea why.

I double checked for you and you are correct, the send button only sends 1 crafted request with our input to the endpoint, it does not attempt to actually get an auth ticket. I am guessing Roblox never implemented the logic to request for an auth ticket and then use said auth ticket in the request to the endpoints that needs it.

You can probably still test this endpoint yourself by writing something in js and running it on your browser. Request an authticket from one of those endpoints and then use it on the api you want to hit.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.

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