Constant 524 error when trying to join friends game directly

When clicking ‘Join’ on a server displayed under ‘Servers my friends are in’ I get an error 524 100% of the time. This issue does not seem to show up when clicking the ‘Play’ button normally but trying to directly join servers always results in this.

This happens constantly and it is currently impossible for me to join a friends game.

Here’s a screenshot of me not even being able to join MY OWN GAME, on a server with plenty of player slots left. There should be nothing stopping me from joining.

March 4th 2021 : Still broken

March 5th 2021 :

March 15th 2021 :
Unable to directly join servers still, and when I try joining via play button it puts my in my own server. I’m trying to do multiplayer testing. Why is Roblox doing this to me still?

Also worth mentioning that using my game’s find command (let’s me join a user’s game by UserId if they’re within my game) doesn’t even work either if I’m trying to join a friend.


Are you sure they’re not in a private server? You get that error if you try to join your friend while they’re in a private server which you do not have access to

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@RealExotic is right. If they are in a private server that you are not invited to, you cannot join their game.

Nope, even in normal servers this happens.

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


You can’t join them on a friend’s private server either. Even if you’re allowed to access it just fine directly.