Constant Spam Advertising on the DevForum

As a Roblox developer, it is too hard to browse the forum without encountering spam advertisements.

In #development-discussion, there have been numerous topics about “ChatGPT”, which many have been locked and unlisted.

Yet we are still getting advertising posts like this:

I don’t know the users creating these topics, but it seems to me like they are bots trying to advertise this junk so they can spread awareness and make themselves more money.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because there will be more posts about development and less bots trying to advertise their offsite products.

Proposed Solution:
Make it more difficult to be a member on the DevForum.


Making it harder to become a member won’t solve anything. You can always mute development discussion, and most of these types of topics are made by people who want to hop on a trend to get quick clout, not have a meaningful discussion.


As @maddjames28 said, you could always just mute #development-discussion in your settings.

Lots of people can agree that little to zero contributive posts come from that category.

Which is why I decided to mute it in settings so it would no longer appear in my main feed.

It is a great solution from my perspective since it filters out all the topics I don’t need to see.


look at this

press the muted button, so you can’t see dev discussions

ChatGPT helps brainstorming, artistic designing and just the general development enormously.
It is absolutely free without a single slide of advertisement nor any paid features.
If this is called advertising, then #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback will also qualify as advertising, along with #resources.


I disagree, making it difficult to become a member will solve something. We would get more like-minded people who actually develop on Roblox if the requirements to join the forum were based on past experiences. I have an idea that developers will need a Talent Hub portfolio in order to join the forum, if it could be possible, because I would feel more comfortable being in a community of developers, who have experience in the field, rather than people who joined the forum by “reading”.

Muting #development-discussion will not stop people from posting ads or spam in the category.

As of 10 minutes ago, that is outdated. They now have a paid subscription plan for faster response times and reliability during hours where chatgpt is at capacity.

This is true, but the point is so it doesn’t become a problem for us specifically anymore. Muting #development-discussion filters out all the uncontributive DevForum posts. This allows us to focus on the posts that matters without having to worry about advertisements and spam most of the time.

The best thing you can do is just mute Development Discussion.

Membership requirements will just make this forum seen more elitist, and besides not every developer even uses Talent Hub / recruits or looking for recruitment.

I’d hardly count it as advertising, it’s incredibly popular and well known anyways.

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Alright, thanks for telling me.

However, many softwares and plugins are also paid, but discussed on the forum for their usage, tips, innovations and such. None of them are direct advertising but could be qualified as awareness spreading too!
Adding on to that, most people when mentioning ChatGPT, they mean AI systems in general, but up to now, ChatGPT is the most convenient version.

Yes I do understand that ChatGPT is not entirely a professional developer tool, and indeed it is very off topic without having a Roblox context for it, but it should be actual users making the topics as first, ChatGPT’s fame is skyrocketing through social medias, so a few posts on the DevForum would be insignificant for them, plus, as it is indeed gaining a lot of users, there is a high chance that the poster is himself a user of ChatGPT, considering how many Roblox-ChatGPT trends and videos there is on the internet.

This isn’t a counter or argument, it’s just mr trying explain and develop a tiny bit. :smiley:

I agree to some degree. We do need people on this forum who are actually here for development, not random inexperienced people. Though, you must keep in mind that cutting off access to the DevForum almost completely is not user friendly. I encourage you to mute annoying categories as I, @ValiantWind, and @GamersInternational have stated. Now, please stop complaining.

Hey folks, looks like these rule-breaking topics are being taken down by moderation, so this seems to cover this issue.

Should this issue keep occurring again and flags do not help against these kind of threads, please post another topic with more details or send me a private message if you have specific examples I should be looking at that have gone unaddressed.

Thanks for the feedback