Constantly Disconnecting

I join a roblox game, and within a variable amount of time (anywhere from 2-10 mins usually) I disconnect with the error: "Please check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code: 277).


In roblox studio, I launch up studio and within 2-10 minutes, the symbol in the top right turns from green to red, and then after a bit it disconnects. All the work that I do while its red disappears.


This happens every time on every game I go on, and if I recall correctly, I first started noticing this last friday.


Can you provide a repro place file? I haven’t been having any problems with getting disconnected from my servers, although The Labyrinth still seems to have a server crashing problem every few hours.

The issue is this happens in every place, on both studio and roblox player.


I’m getting the same issue in games like Checkpoint Racing and Speed Run 4. When I rejoin after the incident, sometimes I’ll get immediately kicked again telling me that I had joined on a different device.

Update: It seemed to have fixed its self yesterday, but today it has broken again. Not sure what’s causing it, but I can’t get any work done like this because it almost instantly disconnects me from studio.

If it is a TeamCreate place (which it appears it is), just download it, work on scripts in there, and copy over any scripts you changed (it’s a workaround for now)

Any update on this? I’m having the same error. I’ve literally not been able to join a single game. It sometimes works when I turn off my Ethernet and go on airplane mode and then quickly join on Wi-Fi.

If you reconnect to fast to a game Roblox can’t process loading I would advise towait at least 10-15 seconds so Roblox can process that you left the game.Its happen to me and that’s what I do

For anyone who’s having this issue on Windows 10: I found that switching to Windows 8 compatability mode fixed it.

I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution to this, hopefully you don’t have to now : )
Edit: NVM, I still have issues even with this setting still turned on, they just didn’t show themselves earlier. Still looking for help with this problem.

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