Constantly Disconnecting

I join a roblox game, and within a variable amount of time (anywhere from 2-10 mins usually) I disconnect with the error: "Please check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code: 277).


In roblox studio, I launch up studio and within 2-10 minutes, the symbol in the top right turns from green to red, and then after a bit it disconnects. All the work that I do while its red disappears.


This happens every time on every game I go on, and if I recall correctly, I first started noticing this last friday.


Can you provide a repro place file? I haven’t been having any problems with getting disconnected from my servers, although The Labyrinth still seems to have a server crashing problem every few hours.

The issue is this happens in every place, on both studio and roblox player.

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I’m getting the same issue in games like Checkpoint Racing and Speed Run 4. When I rejoin after the incident, sometimes I’ll get immediately kicked again telling me that I had joined on a different device.

Update: It seemed to have fixed its self yesterday, but today it has broken again. Not sure what’s causing it, but I can’t get any work done like this because it almost instantly disconnects me from studio.

If it is a TeamCreate place (which it appears it is), just download it, work on scripts in there, and copy over any scripts you changed (it’s a workaround for now)