Constantly getting disconnected from Team Create

Recently started happening again. I believe it started yesterday, however I thought it would fix by itself but it hasn’t.

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This was happening to me and my team just now, and we lost about 15 minutes of progress in team create.
Super Annoying.
I may provide screenshots when I get the chance.
(I am on a MacBook)

I am still being disconnected regularly, I was working on editing a script and i got disconnected from studio out of nowhere.
When i tried to reconnect, i heard an error noise and it completely force closed studio and the warning aswell.
I have a wired connection with 300Mbps down and 40 up with no issues.

It just happens randomly.

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Happening again. Started two / three days ago. This is very disruptive to my team’s work flow.

Any news on this situation?

This issue started happening again, i published and it disconnected me. Could you maybe take a look at it again?

It happened rarely while publishing and it (maybe) happens rarely while doing nothing.

This is the place where it happened:


Looking now. Thanks for the report.


This has started occuring again today. My team and I have been constantly disconnecting from Team Create every 15-20 minutes.


I’ve Been Experiencing Problems With This Too, I Can Safely Connect for about 10 Mins and then It Autosaves. Out The Window my Connection Goes and About 5 Mins Of Work With it. I’ve begun Just Creating Assets In an empty Baseplate and Importing them Into Roblox just to avoid a Loss of Work.

Try turning TC off and then re-enabling it. That sometimes fixes it for me.

I can confirm that this is happening to me to. It disconnects me, and it deletes about 2-3 minutes worth of progress, and it is very annoying.

Happening non-stop, nothing gets saved either. Impossible to recover scripts, no autosave is being made.

This is extremely disrupting to my team’s work flow. Team create just keeps going down every so often non-stop.

Could this be looked into? This is a recurring issue, it seems to come back every month at this point.


Sill happening to me using team create. It is annoying and disrupting my groups workflow.

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This issue started happening to me and my fellow developers about a week ago, the exact bug with the shown output errors as well. Studio always disconnects and publishing refuses to function at times. Quite suprised this error pops up seven months later.

Place ID: 5150551847

I hope this error gets looked into soon, as it really halts our development and our work flow.


Started happening to me too, most likely after the place size exceeded 25.5 MB. It happens almost every time Studio autosaves Team Create (however it autosaved without crashing a few times and disconnected in random moments instead), which basically means I have to reconnect every ~15 minutes and redo everything that was lost. The logs are saying I’m being disconnected with the ‘Roblox has shut down this game server for maintenance’ error.

I am also experiencing the same issue. Every ~20 minutes team create starts to fail to publish and eventually crashes in an infinite cycle for two days now.

This is a pretty big issue and needs to be resolved soon.

I’m seeing constant disconnections from one specific server. Its not happening in any others. :confused:

I would like to rise this issue again my server keeps getting me disconnected and its annoying.

Everytime it’s trying to auto save I wish I can just turn it off.


I have had quite a few issues recently with disconnecting from TC. Bit of an annoyance as half of the time it’s my internet going in and out and the other half studio, creating the perfect blend of irritation.

I’ve been experiencing constant disconnections after around ~10 minutes over the past few days. I hope this can be resolved quickly as its heavily impacting development of a new project.

This has been happening to me repeatedly after enabling Team Create on a group game about 20 minutes ago, it happens every 5 or so minutes.
Never used to have this issue in the past, I don’t think it’s a problem with my internet.