Constantly updated table

I would like it so that I have a table of all players that are alive, and a table of all players that are dead. I want the list to be constantly updated and accessible by all scripts. I previously tried setting the parent of the characters to folders but this is unreliable and doesn’t work. I read the documentation for module scripts but it said it only runs once. What would be the best way to approach this?


You can use a module script, for example this is what you could do:

local DeadPlayers = {}
local AlivePlayers = {}

local PlayerStateHandler = {}

--call this to put a player in the Alive List
function PlayerStateHandler.MakeAlive(Player)
        Adding player to the Alive list
        and removing from the Dead list
     AlivePlayers[Player.UserId] = true
     DeadPlayers[Player.UserId] = nil

--call this to put a player in the Dead List 
function PlayerStateHandler.MakeDead(Player)
        Adding player to the Dead list
        and removing from the Alive list
     DeadPlayers[Player.UserId] = true
     AlivePlayers[Player.UserId] = false

--checks if the player is in the Alive List
function PlayerStateHandler.IsAlive(Player)
     return AlivePlayers[Player.UserId] ~= nil

--checks if the player is in the Dead List
function PlayerStateHandler.IsDead(Player)
     return DeadPlayers[Player.UserId] ~= nil

return PlayerStateHandler

How would I access the Deadplayers and Aliveplayers tables from other scripts?

You would just do require(PathToModulescriptInHere), and then you can access the PlayerStateHandler table from any script that requires that module.

If you want just add a function that returns the DeadPlayers and AlivePlayers table:

function PlayerStateHandler.GetAlivePlayers()
    return AlivePlayers

function PlayerStateHandler.GetDeadPlayers()
    return DeadPlayers

Remember that right now the user id of the player is only being stored, if you need to store the player object themselves you can easily add them, but ensure you remove the reference when the player leaves or you will have memory leak.

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So is there anyway I can go on another script and just have the AlivePlayers table. Like I can say something like:

Local module = require(game.ServerScriptStorage.Module)

Local alive = module.AlivePlayers

For I, v in pairs(alive) do

And what does returning a table even do? Where can I access the table values after that?