Constraining the mouse's drag selection box

A pretty dull request, but something I’d use all the time, is if in the Settings of Studio there were some way to tame the mouse’s drag selection box so that when you are grabbing a group of items it doesn’t pick up items that are across the map, or behind walls, or underneath the map, etc. The default functionality is obviously desired in most cases, but as I build more and more into a game, I continually find myself wishing that random objects 3k studs across the map were not also being selected when I’m trying to grab a group of things in front of me.

I deliberated a Z-depth constraint, but that seems like something you’d be constantly changing back and forth. Instead, perhaps a setting to toggle selection box penetration/no penetration, so that if the item is not visible on your screen, it will not be added to your selection.
Maybe a button as easily accessible as the Collisions toggle:

Much of the time you can just reposition your camera to get a better angle, but when I’m making caves or working in the interior of a building and the world surrounds me completely, I have to shift-click everything unless I want the half the map in my selection.

Here’s a short demonstration of the potentially unwanted behavior this feature would eliminate:


Full support. Especially when working with large maps with a load of props and stuff in the distance, I find myself having to change the camera angle quite often just to select what I’m looking at without selecting the house on the other side of the map.

You would probably love being able to choose between a selection box and lasso for the same reasons.

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We’ll take a look at this.