Constraint Details not showing! [UNSOLVED]

Well hello there again,

UPDATE: I noticed that it works on buildings, but not on characters… ???

I am making a classic game right now, based on 2008 Roblox, bla bla bla.
Currently I’m working on making a holstering system for weapons, tools etc.

I need constraint details to be able to align the tools and put them where I want, but the only issue is that it just doesn’t show up.

Here’s what It looks like:

Remember, the dummies I use here have HUMANOIDS INSIDE, so it’s not that. I also attempted to show the constraints on normal dummies, won’t work either.

I also tried restarting studio, expecting it to be a bug that can be resolved by restarting, but didn’t fix anything.

I’m really not sure what this causes, and it’s really frustrating as this prevents me from moving on with my project.


PS: I tried making the scale of the constraint details larger, doesn’t help as well.

PPS: Since I do indeed think that this is a bug, I tried posting this in bug reports, but of course it’s closed for whatever reason. This is the next best thing.

PPPS: This also doesn’t work on any other games I have made, even a fresh new baseplate with no scripts.

I haven’t played around with this at all, but are Humanoid Attachments only shown while working in the Animation editor?

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No, I watched a tutorial, and in there it clearly shows that the Constraints should appear without having to go into the editor. They should just pop right in.

Put Draw On Top on to see them through objects

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Did that as well, doesn’t work either.

What type of constraints are you using?

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I don’t know, I can show you a picture of what I’m looking for:


This is taken from a video I found

I think you’re thinking there are constraints but there aren’t any. Motor6D doesn’t count and those green orbs are attachments. Maybe check the entire model to see if there are any constraints. If there aren’t any other than Motor6D you won’t see any constraint details.

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Well it’s a normal dummy, I don’t really understand why there wouldn’t be any constraint details