Constraint Tank Resource

This is a tank that I built on class earlier on.

It has a >50 part tank track on both sides and it has integrated control.
By sitting on the seat, you get to drive it.

It currently lags a lot and only when you have a high physics update rate(eg. 0.01 delta time) It will work perfectly.

This is filmed on a really bad laptop:
robloxapp-20210311-1640371.wmv (1.6 MB)
robloxapp-20210311-1643201.wmv (2.5 MB)

It features a few buggy behaviours of the tank and I believe if someone is skilled enough and they have the time, they can fix the issue.

If you have any outcomes on this chassis, please post the file in the form of comment if you are willing to.

Here’s the file:
Tank.rbxm (18.9 KB)