Constraints are preventing animations replication


What is the issue?
I made a ladder system which uses a PrismaticConstraint to move the player up and down, but once the character is binded to the ladder through the PrismaticConstraint animations are not replicated anymore.

** Pictures**
Here is what is happening:
(Images go in pairs, for each pair of images, the first show the client view and the 2nd the Server view, I precise that the animation has been played through a Server-Sided Script)
For the first pair, I have let the climbing player keep the NetworkOwnership of (Character + Ladder)(So newtwork ownership color is green)

As you can see, the client who is climbing see the animation (Picture1), however it’s not replicated to the server-side (Picture2), and it turns out that the other players don’t see the animation either.

At the opposite, for the second pair, when the NetworkOwner of (Character + Ladder) is the Server (white edges), the animation is played for the Server (Picture4), but it is not replicated for the climbing player (Picture 3), and it turns out that other players don’t see the animation either.

Conclusion :
It seems that only the Network Owner can view the played animation.
Which lead me to the following questions : Why do Constraints ( such as this PrismaticConstraint) are alterating the replication of my AnimationTrack ?
( While a Weld doesn’t trig any issue)
Is this behavior made on purpose, or is that a bug that you plan to fix ?
(It would be interesting having the point of view of a member of the Roblox_Staff)
And Is there a cleaner way to avoid this behavior than playing the animation for each client player ?

( I precise that my ladder is itself binded to an anchored part through another PrismaticConstraint to allow it moving horizontally)

Thank you

This issue seems to have lasted for more than 4 years, here are some old related topics that didn’t got a real answer:


Have you managed to fix this? I am dealing with the same problem, and none of the suggestions in the related threads worked for me (including changing RootPriority).

In my case, I am using RopeConstraints to develop a mooring line system for my boat game. As soon as the player picks up a mooring line, all of their animations stop replicating and remain frozen until the rope is detached from the player.

To me it seems there isn’t. I will probably attempt to do this, as I’m out of ideas.

No sorry, i did not found any better option

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