Constructing a Radial Gui, and I need guidance(scripting)

So I basically want to achieve this kind of radial ui, im using it for a game based of on building.
Here is my progress as of now:

The problem is, I don’t know the best way to import them as there are 14 slices, Im planning to import them 1 by 1 but I’m not sure if there is a much better or faster way of doing this, any suggestions?

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I would personally export and import each dial individually. However, there’s probably much more efficient and quicker ways to do it.

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If you want to add animation (tweens), I suggest adding them 1 by 1. Else,you can import the whole image and put icons manually in their place as an ImageButton or something.


I’ve actually just decided to import the images one by one, here’s what they look like rn

Everything is correct except for their positioning, I think I’m gonna need some scripter’s help

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What’s wrong with the position?

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It’s not perfectly aligned as you can see in the picture, I aligned it manually, but I want it to be perfectly position by script

Anyone know how to position 12 icons in a form of a radial(pie) shape using a script?

You are probably trying to ask, to make their position same for all devices. If so, check [Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI.


im not lmao, as I said, how do I perfectly position each icons, (also I have almost every essential plugins for Ui Designers) so basically look at the image again, they dont look aligned PROPERLY, you’ll see in a glance.