Construction Kit Small

Small Construction Kit

If you need stuff for a construction site, Consider using my kit, Here is a photo of the kit!

Construction Kit - Roblox


It is very good to make a construction zone I hope you make it big :smiley:

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Great! Will you keep expanding it? This seems as if it is for a rather SMALL construction site… maybe make it so that with just your kit you can build an entire site. With like machines, bulldozers, etc.
I hope you do that!

Nice!! That may just work here:


Yes, I will expand it, You guys can use the kit whenever you want!

Yes, I will expand! Construction Zones are quite cool, Especially if they have lots of detail!

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Seems I did not expand this lol-

Seems I still did not expand this… lol :slightly_frowning_face:

Whats the date? Oh yeah, it’s fine I’ll do it next month.

you should add some things like cranes, trucks, fences, boxes, stacks of wood, scaffolding.

I’m not gonna, this is discontinued.

If I can. Can I continue this?

Sure, I don’t really mind :laughing: do what you wish with the set, if you’ve already bought it.