Construction Site [Building Showcase]

Hello, this is one of my first creations. Leave your opinion down below and tell me what do you think about it.


Hey it looks good the trees make it look fantastic but I think you should add more stuff like rocks, bushes and flowers to make it look better, and the realistic makes it look better. Keep up the great work and I hope your game becomes popular!


Thank you, I will add more stuff and try my best.


It looks pretty interesting.
The graphics and this building look very cool.
This is a great combination.

But, you should add more decor, because it looks pretty empty. :+1:


First of all, I am really impressed with the way you used the realistic graphics which you applied in your game. Though I want to make suggestion based on your Building Showcase,
First off, you need to add some toolboxes in the construction site to make the scene realistic by making it look like people are working on it. Also add some warning sign on the fence around the site.
This Building Showcase is really impressive and hope you use this in a game development


It looks great! The design, graphics and the nature around it looks very nice, can’t argue with that.
Maybe add more decoration on the fences and some hardware to make it more of a construction site!

Nice work! :+1:

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It looks great, just work on the details.

  • Add construction lights.
  • Add tools that may have been used by construction works.
  • Add construction worker helmets.
  • Add ladders on the ground and leaned upon objects.
  • Add ropes that may be used for the building itself.
  • Add tool boxes, cans, etc.
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Thank you, I will make sure to do it.

I really like the effect that the shadows and lighting have on the build. It’s very well detailed, too. I’d only suggest to tweak very minor things, like making the poles with rebar different heights. You can also fill up the area with more props, just to make it feel more lively, like a construction crew was once there.


Good work. The only thing I see needs to be added is more details and more stuff to the construction site.
Else it really looks good. The lighting matches the buildings alot. Keep it up.

A pretty solid build, well done

Hi there,

This build look really nice. I mean it gives of like a post-apocalyptic scene.

I really don’t have anything to criticize about this build. From maybe putting some plants, bushes or rocks in the terrain.

Great job
Keep building :smile:

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Very cool. Would look even better with some textures. maybe some mold a moss?

It looks good. I like the use of the ShadowMap Technology.
But you sould improve the ambient along with putting more Decoration.
Also you could use the new grass.

The level of detail put into this is very well executed, so congrats on that. :+1:
Possible add some scaffolding around the building as to make it look like masons are slowly workings their way up with bricks.

Possibly some other items such as trowels, hammers, chisels, brushes for example.

Definitely work on the environment around the construction site, also add a lot more to the construction site in general, it looks very empty at the moment. Some things to add to the background is a mountain barrier, more trees, plants, also work on your lighting it doesn’t look that great right now.

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It looks really good and realistic. The only thing I think it needs is enabling the Decoration property under Terrain in the workspace.

Hey there! I’ll be giving you some tips how to improve the terrain, the construction site looks perfect for me!


  • Use the grass details from Roblox, it may give you an even more realistic feeling.

  • Add more trees, and maybe some more bushes too.

The only tip i have for the Contruction Site :building_construction:

  • Make the gate in the fence wider

I hope this helped you! Good luck on your building showcase!

Beautiful Project, I love the lighting. Keep it up