Constructive Criticism about my obby

Hey do y’all mind giving any opinions on my first game here? It’s an obby that I’m currently workin on. I’m here for the feedback so if you have any constructive criticism I’ll take it on the chin! Let me know if there’s anything you spotted whether it’s the models or even the icon/thumbnail :sunglasses: :100:


I really like the style, you could make the arrow on these a decal or less depth

You could also try and make the gui better.

I also didn’t know this was a progress bar, so you should add a frame behind it and text in the middle saying “Progress”.

Other then that, I do like the game.


At stage 37, with the red pillars on black plateform, you could add a conveyor to make it harder

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Gotcha, I’ll do my best to fix the progress bar thing and the gui. Where should I put the word “progress”?

Here is an idea of how you could do the end:

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The word progress should be inside the frame, like this:

( The image provided is a very bad UI, as it is just an example )

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Mane that is absolutely beautiful😎

Would adding a rectangle frame around where the whole bar starts and ends work?

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Text For 31-1 Character Limit

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Do you know how I can add a frame behind the gui? I’m trying to make it to where the color of the added frame isnt visible and only the outline of it is.

Try editing the ZIndex values in the propertys

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Didn’t work. Seems the only thing that works is transparency but it blurs out my progress bar thing. Lemme play around with the gui and I’ll let you know when I fix it. Preciate the help though brother :sunglasses::facepunch:t4:

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Alright I switched out all the checkpoint arrows into decals and buffed the obby here and there. I’ll add a frame outline to the progress bar later on :sunglasses: :+1:t4:

Edit: 1:11 am central time right now and I just added the progress bar outline😎

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conveyor intensifies? i hope so!

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Hey Bou do you know a skip stage script I can put into serverscriptservice? Ive tried ones from youtube but they dont work. It works in the test mode SOMETIMES but Im just confused

Maybe let’s bring it to dms? Since this post is about constructive criticism and not helps on how to create things

Oh I didn’t know dms were on here lol. Lets go then!