Constructive Criticism and Price Estimation on Tank

Hi guys!
I recently created my own design of a tank. I was hoping you guys could help me improve it and guesstimate its price.

This took me around 4-5 hours to build

Desktop_190613_1638 !


I honestly have no criticism, except maybe a war-torn look to it to give a little more depth. This is honestly fantastic and you did an extremely good job on this! Now if someone was to pay you something for this, what do you feel it’s worth. Take a look at how long it took you and the effort put in, how do you feel about the quality of the tank…?

I can’t really give you an estimate as I’m not you, I don’t know the work that went into this. It’s worth looking at the quality of your own work and the time/effort put in and comparing this to others to really get an estimate. This way you’re not undervaluing your work and it gives you a starting point.


The design of the tank is honestly amazing. I don’t think you need to add anything more as it fine as it is. As for the price I’m not to sure.

That’s a beautiful creation.
You have to take in mind these before coming up with a price:

  • Did it take you a lot of time?
  • Was it a challenge? Or was it easy for you?
  • Is it scripted?
  • Is it worth selling/buying?

I’d say the price truly depends on how you feel about your creation, but as a model tank I don’t think it should exceed 10k


Hey Rico!

Let’s cut to the chase:

1: Suggestions

  • Add more variety of colors to cut away from the dullness, make different shades of grey rather than a solid color throughout.
  • Add neon for the headlights, or add chevron stripes to give the tank more definition.

2: Pricing

Scenario 1

  • If this tank is completely mesh based, has an overall triangle count under 3-6K it’s very good.
  • If the tank is ready to ship and script right away, having 3-5 seperate meshes for the hull, turret, and cannon itself it’d definitely be easier to work with.
  • Consider the collision fidelity of it, if you’re planning to run this on default and there’s invisible holes inside the mesh because of how roblox triangalized it, then the value would go down. I’m assuming it’s not however.

Evaluation: 15K - 50K Robux ($52.50 - $175.00)

It looks like a relatively time consuming mesh, I’m just assuming how much time it’d take me and accounting for the federal minimum wage. You’ll have to adjust that for yourself however.

Scenario 2

  • If the tank is completely CSG/Union based, I’d sell it for 5K-10K.

(CSG is fine for very specific situations but for a tank it’s hot garbage)

Disclaimer: In the end, the sad truth is no matter how good or bad your models are, a lot of people decide how much they pay you is solely based on your credit, your consistency and your promptness. It’s the connections and branding that sells high tier products.

Goodluck! Hope you do those suggestions, and I hope I helped!


Cheers mate!.
I was wondering why you would price meshes higher over CSG provided CSG is more time consuming and difficult?.


Well it’s simple you see, CSG/Unions are hot garbage and I can prove it.

[Rick and Morty Reference Here]


Now that I have the giggles out, CSG by far is the worst way to create complex models for your game. To create a union based model and selling it at the same price as a mesh based model is like selling “Brick Hill” or “Brick Planet” as “ROBLOX” itself. It’s dishonest and more or less inferior to the real thing. The real thing in this context is blender (Any 3D modeling program in existence) itself, where you! You, the creator have unlimited powers to control how your models are created down to the last vertice, whereas the CSG is calculated through ROBLOX’s CSG engine which is know to be prone to error. If you haven’t seen all the “my unions are gone!” or “my unions are broken!” already, then I implore you to search for said posts. There’s many things roblox does well, and CSG and the triangulation of said CSG is not one of them, the topology is OBJECTIVELY unoptimized and has hiccups when the shape itself is mildly complicated.

Here are some illustrations to show you what I mean:

[CSG V. Meshes]

As you can see, after the union builder click on blender, he became astoundingly more successful and objectively becomes a better content creator.

You’re welcome!


I completely understand where your coming from, i have people who approach me asking for advise to tips for studio…followed by me hushing them away to blender.

Blender is just so difficult to use. Iv already been hard-trained to studio, transitioning is difficult especially with the unfriendly UI

I am trying though!.

Cheers for the input for my future!

That is a good-looking tank!


  • The colors are a bit dull though, maybe more tones of grey would help


  • I honestly love the design of the tank, it has a lot of details and it is really well built, you don’t need to add anything more, it looks already fine like that


  • valuing the effort and time taken to model this tank, i would make it around 10k - 25k

Great tank! Keep it up :))

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