Constructive Criticism Groza Bullpup Rifle

So what do you guys think?.
How can I improve?
What shall i tweak?
How would you want it?
Cheers for helping!


My only critique was to add some texture/detailing to the barrel however looking at some google images it seems you’ve actually got it pretty close to the real gun with the fore-grip attached…



I personally think it looks a bit nicer without the fore-grip & added barrel details:

right gun

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That gun is surely unique. However, you could

  • Make the texture mapping more realistic
  • Have brands on the weapon(if it has a brand[Example: AK-47])
  • Curve the ammo holder more, and make it longer
  • Add this- this
  • Add a flashlight on the side- dis2
    Other then that, amazing! I can tell you put effort into this masterpiece, and I hope for the best!