Constructive Criticism On Plane



I recently made a MiG-29. I would like to find out your opinion of what you think and how I may improve. Cheers for taking the time to help!



My only negative comments are that the stars on the wings are tilted incorrectly and that the extending thing in front doesn’t shrink enough (although I understand that’s Roblox’s limitations and not your fault).

Pretty great :+1:


What do you mean by that? Most meshes can be made on Blender and imported onto Roblox.

Excellent plane by the way.


Where is the entry point the plane


Hey, I’m curious if you use any plug-in that helps you to move throughout studio. I’m particularly looking at the XYZ indicator on the left bottom of the first image, any idea how you can put it there? If it is already a Studio feature, how do I enabled it? Thanks in advance.


In studio View > Display Axis


I’m no expert when it comes to fighter jets, but are you sure that the green “bomb” is meant to be placed on the end of the wing, and not the “inner” end of the wing, where the first missile is placed?

Just seemed to bug my mind, but again. Just my only thought.


Okay, ill see what i can do.
Thanks for the input!


Overall a great model, however I suggest making the faces smooth at the front and tapering the wings toward the tips.


This is an excellent plane!

I don’t see too much that needs fixing.


Constructive feedback:
First of, there has to be an entrance. Secondly, it has to align with actual plane mechanics if you want it to be realistic. Finally, make the wings more arrow-dynamic. Though, I know this mostly consists of meshparts, and Roblox has limitations. Overall, it is a pretty good MiG-29. Keep up the good work!


Its actually 100% CSG. I had to spend a few hours doing the nose.
Thanks for replying, can you please explain to me what you mean with ‘Align with actual plane mechanics’


Of course! There are side vents on the right/ left of the window. Also, the mechanics really depend on the actual plane, though I am almost certain this plane is a Mikoyan MiG-29. There are also 2 windows before the window, and the missiles are usually arranged with the same missile, to look orderly. Now to talk about the “detailed stuff”, at the end there are multiple more “pointy things/ needles”, along with a bar-code number beneath the upper star brand. Also, there are multiple more air vents below the air vent I mentioned. I’m just being very picky, sorry if you think my criticism is too harsh. Picture I referred to-
You are doing great so far though!


No no, i encourage harshness. I redid the cockpit to make it look more MiG-29`yee. The nose looks off, i physically do not know how to do it because roblox limitations…
The nose is:


I think it looks pretty epic. If you wanted you could add in extra details like the access hatches and things found on planes, or a cockpit, etc.


Thanks for the support and help guys!. Now how do i end this thread?


Mark one reply as the solution. Should be a checkbox symbol next to the heart. :slight_smile: