Constructive Feedback - GFX

Look For Feedback:
These are some of my first ever scene renders/environment GFX. I am looking for feedback and constructive criticism. These GFX are all personal work, not comission work


These are super clean GFX! The Renders look really great, as do the backgrounds. Only criticism I could give is that the water in the second one looks kind of weird, but other than that these all look great!


Overall they look pretty nice.

The guy walking with the ice cream sandwich crown on head looks like he is missing the bottom half of his leg and its a bit strange.

For this one I would add some more intense lighting. He just robbed a bank so like add some intense lighting. Maybe like an alarm type of light.

For this one the water is a bit strange and possibly add a shadow for the character sitting in the chair.


It’s amazing! but there are some things I didn’t like. Like the water in the second image

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I like these! The reflection and lighting are very nice, however there are a few downsides.

  1. Your backgrounds are severely empty. It’s not of one’s best interest to end their background with just a plain sky. You can use mountains or characters to cover up the ground level background, THEN have a sky.

  2. Posing. Your posing is rather stiff. Tips to fix this is by bending the back, and not just the entire torso. Moreover, your walking posing is odd. Also, don’t have ALL your characters looking towards the camera, especially in artworks that are supposed to have people socializing, or working, you want them to be interacting with each other, not staring into your soul.

Other than those points these are pretty nice.


The lighting is on point and they are extremely clean. I must say, they are of high quality. However, there are certain things such as the coast line not being completely accurate to reality. In reality, the shores are covered with foam.


I’ve never thought about foam, maybe that’s why the water turned out so weird looking and unrealistic. Thanks for the feedback!

These gfx are really clean, keep up the good work, but as everyone above said, the sea in the second picture look kinda weird, other than that everything else is really good !

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I love your graphics, the renders are well done, and the backgrounds match the characters as well!


As @lSteveRogersl already said the water looks kind of strange. Also, in the last thumbnail the girl on the right looks a bit bright for the background, the other characters lighting looks good, but the girl looks more bright then them. Otherwise, from those small things, the graphics look great, keep up the amazing work!


My rating is a 9/10, good job just try to fix those small things. Message me on DevForum if you need help on fixing them.

  • The lighting in the scene is very good and the render is really clean. They look really nice like all. The different details you added to each of your renders, and this is very high quality however the water as other’s said! above is a little weird i’ll fix that a bit, more to look more realistic. Other than that you have done a great job on them there pretty nice!

  • Also i would suggest. You add some details for the background, instead of having just the sky showing or you could implement more characters. In the sits and in the scene to look more decent and add some more lighting! in the 3rd picture as it looks. A little dark on the bag and building part.

Overall you have done a great job on your renders. Keep up the good work!

Hello there!

  • In the first picture if the text logo was at the middle instead of the left side of the GFX.

  • In the second picture you can try to move the water a bit down because it looks a little weird.

  • In the third picture It’d be better if you used intense lightning on the lasers.

  • In the last picture the only odd part is that the man with the domino crown has a missing part of their leg.

Other than these everything is awesome. Good luck on your projects :+1:

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These are very clean and high quality!
The best feedback I can give you is:

  • First GFX: Change the Pixel item that is on the Avatars arm near the center umbrella.

adding a second person sitting in the right corner where you would only see a portion of them who would be having a discussion with that one girl with the bunny ears would make sense, otherwise I would change her head position and face.

  • Second GFX: I would recommend Changing the water and have a crab or something to the right of the seats.

-Third: Part of the bank robbers bag of stolen cash appears to be past the red beam I would make the Red beam cover that part, or move the robber forward slightly.

-Fourth: I would re position the walking males leg slightly so you see his shoe, so it does not look as though he is missing a foot.

You are a very talented GFX artist! I hope my thoughts and feedback is useful and helpful!

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Those are some beautiful gfx! I love the renders, they’re super smooth and clean. The backgrounds work very well with the objects and the renders. Everything contrasts each other extremely well!

Amazing work!

Wonderful pieces of GFX! Very clean and high quality!

Though, this umbrella shape seems a bit odd to me. image

Overall, your artwork looks amazing!


Yea, It might look better if some realistic details are added as seen in the photo of a rl umbrella.


I love it!! Can you tell me how you bend the limbs? And if you use rigs can you suggest a rig I can use?

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They are amazing! It looks great.

So that GFX was for an art contest and that is what the umbrella looked like in the build that I was trying to recreate. Thanks for the feedback! :heart:

I love the shadows, and it all looks pretty good. Though the last picture the umbrella looks too sharp, and the characters too bright and harsh.

They are all so good! However, you can maybe add the sun in front of the person in the second GFX. It would look cool what you can do with sun rays. Also, the water looks a little bit awkward. You should switch it with a higher quality of water in the second image.

(Something like this would look nice with maybe more transparent sun rays.) The way the sun rays over lap onto the objects in front makes the whole scene look really good.

Other than that, all of your GFXs look very well made! :smile:

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