Content Deleted games showing up in "Recommended"


I'd imagine ROBLOX is modifying the "Recommended" section for the new game page, but when you do, make sure to filter content deleted games from it, because you are recommending me some wonderful games here:

Place 1
Place 2


I assume these were teleport spamming places, having millions of visits, and never heard of the usernames of the owners.


Teleport spamming places don't get 200k+ favorites.

Reason those are deleted is unknown to me, but I remember those names from that era.

And I think we can all agree content deleted places should not have shown up in recommended.


Very old thread, sorry for the necro bump.

This still happens and should be addressed. You can see on my game here that the first two recommended games are content deleted.

Games that are content deleted should not appear in the recommended area. Why recommend games to a user that they cannot play?