Content Deleted group clothing still appears in stores

I’ve got a Content Deleted shirt that still appears in my group store. Even with it off sale, it still appears.

Group store



Today I realized that some of my group’s clothing had been content deleted, but for some reason they were still listed for sale on the group store tab. I’ve attempted to list the item off-sale but it does not allow me. I’ll be providing some more info in the “Evidence section”

While attempting to list the item off-sale on the items’ configure page it already shows off-sale but for some reason it’s still listed for-sale on the group store.

Maybe make it so that items that are moderated go off-sale completely?
This is the group where it’s happening.!/store


This is a screenshot of how the group store looks like. This shows the item(s) still listed on-sale.

This is a screenshot of how the item is shown listed off-sale on its configure page

This is a screenshot of me attempting to list the item on-sale to then list it off-sale to fix the glitch but it doesn’t allow that either.


Hey so I was checking today and to this day this issue has yet to be fixed. It’s been 82 days since I replied to this bug and 9 months since the original thread creator made this report. Is there any chance we can have this issue fixed, because this floods the group’s clothing store.


No one still has given any insight into this issue…
I have a whole page of content deleted clothes that I can’t take off sale


Bumping this topic to give insight on my new condition.

A clothing group co-owned between myself and my friend wherein we both create detailed and handmade outfits has been purged due to what we suspect as a mass-reporting attack. Semper Augustus - Roblox

Entire pages of clothes that had nothing wrong with them in the first place are now Content Deleted, pretty much robbing us of our legacy here on Roblox. >_>

It would be very appreciable if Roblox could step up their game and give some clarity and accountability here – and if deleted clothing could at the very least be taken off sale.


Contact support for content moderation, they will send you an email explaining what led to it or possibly bring all of it back.

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Bumping because this issue is still persisting, I have items in my group store I cannot take offsale and they are stuck on my group shop when you first open it. When trying to take the item offsale red prompt appears saying “failure to update item”.