Content Warnings on the Website

As a Roblox developer, an player and a older brother, it is currently too hard to know what kind of content a game has, causing me to worry about what my younger sister is playing in Roblox and about what her reaction could be to seeing something she might find too uncomfortable, such as jumpscares or gore.

Note: These cases are the most simple and easy to understand scenarios that came to my mind in the moment of writing this feature request.

Case 1

An young kid is playing Roblox, being monitored by their parents, an all of an sudden an jumpscare appears on the screen, the parents might take it wrong, and think that Roblox isn’t as kid-friendly as it is promoted.

Case 2

An pretty famous game about shooting is known for its graphics and its realism Just a example, Roblox’s ToS won’t really approve something like this. which causes young kids to be attracted to play it, but on the moment they’re killed, gore appears on their screen, which some kids might be okay with, but others might become scared or even really uncomfortable, also considering the helicopter parents that might see the scene and get mad at their kids for playing stuff like that.

What could be done with this?

I know that feature request don't really need us to propose solutions, but I could like to anyways. I feel that displaying the users an screen warning about the content of an game might be enough for this kind of scenarios. This doesn't really bother older audiences, but might be important for young audiences. And could be used on various scenarios.


Prototype of an screen I threw together using Inspect Element

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my overall experience because I can know at least what an game might contain before playing it.