ContextActionService auto starts Function when binded

The problem that I noticed is that when you firstly bind something with tween it starts the tween for no reason when it’s binded.

I started making a game which has interactive parts which can be accessed as a GUI appears that says “f to interact” when you get closer to it and vanishes when you go farther then the minimum number. So, when the UI appears the F key will get bind with the appropriate door and calls a function EnterDoor.
It finds the door’s hinge and tweens it and plays it at the same time. My theory was that if I bind this then when only I press “f” it will activate but here comes the unwanted truth. When the bind action happens it automatically starts the function for no reason once and I don’t want this to happen.

I know how can I fix it inside the function but I want to know is there any way this can be fixed without making my function longer?

In the :BindAction function, the parameters should be this: “(actionName, functionToBind, createTouchButton(true or false), and inputTypes (in your case it would be Enum.KeyCode.F)”.

If everything is correct there I would check over the functionToBind. Parameters for that should be (actionName, inputState, inputObject).

Also are you binding the EnterDoor() directly or is it inside of another function?

No the EnterDoor() it’s not inside the existing binded function it is separated from any other functions

Okay, now I seem to understand what’s happening. So the “EnterDoor” Function had a bool value so if it’s true then do the door open tween and when its false do the close tween but when You press “f” key it sends 2 signal. One is pressed and another one is lifted. So that’s why when I try to press f is suddenly makes the door play both animation after another so It looks like the door is having a seizure.

Thanks for helping me.

Haha no problem, glad you solved it. :smile:

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