ContextActionService Breaks Default Movement

I’m trying to bind a function to the W key, which is of course bound to the normal forward movement, so whenever BindAction is ran, it overwrites the default movement making me unable to move. I still haven’t been able to fix it and I don’t know what’s causing it, I’m returning Enum.ContextActionResult.Pass which should allow other functions bound to the W key run, but it still won’t let me walk.

[Enum.KeyCode.W] = function()
	if os.clock() - wPressed <= DOUBLE_CLICK then
		if state:Input("Running") then
			contextActionService:BindAction("StopRunning", function(actionName, inputState)
				if inputState == Enum.UserInputState.End and state:Input("Idling") then
				return Enum.ContextActionResult.Pass
			end, false, Enum.KeyCode.W)
	wPressed = os.clock()