ContextActionService could not find the function passed in, doing nothing

Hello, i think the title says it all, im getting this warning and it prevents me from actually putting a title or anything on my CAS buttons, im currently designing a module and im experiencing this problem…

The issue lies in here:

local set_methods = {
	title = ContextActionService.SetTitle,
	image = ContextActionService.SetImage,
	position = ContextActionService.SetPosition,
	description = ContextActionService.SetDescription

for key: string, option: string | UDim2 in self._options do
	local method: (ContextActionService, string, any) -> () = set_methods[key:lower()]
		if method then
			method(ContextActionService, self._action_name, option)
			warn(`Option "{key}" is not supported`)

I think it’s because im using dot notation? no idea how to fix this…

i fixed it, so basically i was trying to style the touch button before binding it.

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