Continuation of My Previous Post about my Western Game

I previously made a post about my Upcoming Western Game, so I decided to add to it here with some newer leaks and information about the game.

Here are some of the new leaks that I would be happy to show:

(Chain-Fed Revolver that loses stats due to damage, but can be repaired. This weapon is one that one of the Developers created for fun and we decided to add it to the game, not as a main gun, but a secret gun you can find. Pretty cool.)

The map is still being worked on, so nothing to add to that, but I think the weapons are a really amazing part about the game, they are just so well done.

I get a lot of questions about the uniqueness of the game, and what makes it different from other Western games not only on the Roblox platform but other western games in general. And to that I answer that I believe that its something that no one has seen before, I feel like it is a video game experience that’ll that could just blow you away, with complete honesty, the plans for this game (if delivered correctly) will be amazing. I am willing to go beyond anything to make this game great. But as for features I think that the realistic features you will experience (not talking about graphics) such as its connection with life at the time period in which it takes place is just really incredible.

A few other features that make it unique from other Western games, and other games on Roblox:
~ A Game that can always have something to do to prevent it getting dry and boring.
~ Its Nature, such as realistic animal actions.
~ Attention to detail.
~ No set goal, allowing the player to create their own goals and reach their own marks.


These models are great!

Make sure that you will finish this project soon!