Continue Playing is now My Library - This is confusing

The “Continue Playing” category is now called “My library-” which is really odd? It doesn’t make sense for the category to be renamed this, as a library already exists within Roblox & does not reflect the nature of the category.

Furthermore, I’ve heard from @loueque and he cannot repro.

I’m on a computer but this also happens on mobile. I only noticed this right now.
Repro: Visit this link: Roblox

I think this is a bug, and I also don’t think this should be a change.

Thanks to @ChipioIndustries for pointing out something out.

EDIT: Refreshed the page, and now it’s called “Continue Playing”


The category keeps getting renamed. I’m not sure why, but it’s getting annoying. Went from ‘recently played’ to ‘continue playing’ to ‘my library’.

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As of this reply’s writing, the issue has been essentially resolved. It seemed to be a temporary, quickly-settled bug that fixed itself within minutes. Marking this as a solution per @lesserfantasy’s request.

Why do you assume its a bug? What would cause a category to display the incorrect name?

This is just A/B testing or something, since not everyone has the same one and there have been different ones reported. I wouldn’t think too much of it.


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