Continuous Particle Spiral

galactic arm

Trying to figure out how to make a constant spiral to mimic the look of a galaxy for a project of mine.
The only solution I’ve found is to use multiple particle emitters to mimic the look of a spiral arm, but I want to keep it down to only one particle emitter.

Does anyone have any idea how I can make that kind of long, constant downward spiral towards the center?


I tried to recreate that to my best abilities and managed to get this:

Almost every characteristic like how far out the spiral goes is configurable since it uses a particle emitter on a spinning part (which is done using constraints).

How I did it

Here is the spinner:

The blue part is anchored and serves as a base (everything else is unachored).
The red part is the spinning part. It has a hinge constraint connected with the blue part.
The purple part is the arm. It’s welded to both the red part and the yellow part.
The yellow part is actually what has the particle emitter.

Here is my explorer:


The spinning actually happens because the hinge constraint is set to motor as the Actuator. If you want to configure the speed, change the AngularVelocity.


The spiral happens instead of just the circle because the particle emitter has VelocityInheritance set to true, which changes the particles’ motion based on the part’s motion.


Right now, the spiral is heading upwards:

But if you don’t want that, you can configure the drag property of the particle emitter:


And download this model file that contains the whole spinner.
SpiralEmitter.rbxm (5.1 KB)

Hope that helps! If the result is similar but not perfect, feel free to configure it!


I really should’ve mentioned really how this should’ve functioned, but this is extremely impressive!
Generally speaking, I was hoping more for a way of having particle emitters have that partial spiral orbital arm look while staying stationary. I unfortunately had to go with my own method to create the look I was going for, and I am content with this in the bitter sense:
Still looking for a solution to my unfortunate problem, doe.

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