Continuously sending input to server (30 hz /watever)

(Specifically mouse down/up and position)
Does anyone do this? What are the advantages you’ve gained? Have you experienced problems because of this?

It must not be a completely horrible idea because Rocket League does it (they said so in a gdc talk)

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Fairly certain they do it as a method of accounting for latency.

It’d have to be purpose specific. If it’s just a default character, turning the head vaguely in the mouse’s position can be done clientside anyway.

Rocket league is cars so maybe its some kind of latency compensation measure?

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Many games use a client-server model where the server is the authoritative. I’ve posted about this topic a couple times on this forum, but I probably went into the most depth on this discussion:

I went in depth on how to make a game feel responsive bar extreme latency.

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Why those though? Ping data I can understand. A word of advice, if you ever need to send raw keyboard/mouse/controller input to the server, you are doing something terribly wrong.

I would try everything else before doing this. Why spam your server with continuously-changing user input? Unless you have a very specific use-case that requires authoritative checking by the server for each change, I would avoid this.

I try to avoid pinging the server unless I really have to. Again, I’m sure there are use-cases where a constant stream of info is necessary, and maybe that’s your case.

If you have to do it, try it out and do some benchmarking. I think you can simulate high latency in Studio.

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