"Contributor" verified badges do not apply to player-owned experiences

I’ve done some digging, and it seems that developers on games owned by groups are eligible for verification via the “contributor” criteria, but there is a chance that player-owned games are not eligible/checked.

Here is an excerpt from the requirements:

If this is expected behavior, I believe it should be documented on the page. If not, then I hope Roblox can resolve this!

Examples of games owned by users with contributors who likely qualify for the badge

Royale High:
LauncelotHandsome has 10,000 legitimate followers and does not have the verification badge, despite being a well known contributor to Royale High.

Optikk has more than 10,000 followers, has edit access to Piggy, and is not verified.

While these specific circumstances may be one offs, I am yet to find an example of a known contributor to a player-owned experience that is verified.

I don’t want to pester, I just want to ensure that this behavior is correct, or better documented. Thank you!


We’re taking a look, hang tight! We’ll get back to you when we have an update.


Hello, thank you for flagging this issue! We have corrected the bug: users with edit permissions to experiences owned by other users are now eligible for verified badge, in the same vein as users with edit permissions to group-owned experiences. This change is reflected in the latest round of verified badge granting which has just gone live.


This change verified my group, but didn’t verify my personal account even though I meet all the requirements. Will i still get verified this month or will i have to wait until next month?


Hello! You qualified for the badge as of April 1 and will receive it in early May if you still have Authenticator enabled at that time.