Control clicking results in Developer Hub search should only open result in new tab

When using a common browser like Chrome or Firefox it’s expected behaviour to be able to Control click on a link and it opens it in a new tab.

Currently, it does open in a new tab, but it also opens in my current tab, which isn’t useful if I intend on opening more than one link.

I encounter this on any page using Chrome or Firefox.

Using Edge, I get the expected behaviour interestingly.


This looks like it is working OK on Chrome 78. Check again, perhaps with a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5) on your browser.


This is happening again in both browsers mentioned in the OP on their latest versions.


Using Edge version 85.0.564.51, happens to me. Hard refresh does nothing, nor does clearing cookies or anything that would “fix” this.

Not sure if this is a browser issue or website issue. Confirmed not a browser issue, tried on my own Gyazo links, using Ctrl+LeftMouse opens them in a new tab fine.

With the addition of the new search, Ctrl-clicking no longer opens my result in a new tab but instead my current tab, making this an issue again.

Workaround for this is middle-clicking results, but both should work.


@peraldon Can this be looked into again? It’s still happening consistently on Chrome or Firefox.

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