Controlled AI Spawn help

Hello! In my game there are AI which interact with players. In this game it is an ant simulator and my goal is to have AI, however along with this I will need a system which will not spawn them everywhere, but instead spawn them around the queen ants. This way there will not be more than it needs to be and take up extra space. I have all of this made, but I wanted to ask everyone if they have any ideas on how to control that? I can’t add a wait and then spawn, because it will get too populated. Are there any other ideas for how I can implement it?

Hello! Didn’t you try to use “for” loop? It will check the current number of ants near Queen and increment them by one till the maximum amount reached? Something like:

for currentNumber, maximumAmount do
--spawn code here

The ants are not AI, they are players. The AI will be dangerous bugs, I’m also thinking a good way to do this is to check the amount of ants in the colony, and for every _ i spawn an AI.

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Oh, I’m sorry, I thought ants were AI.

Well, this one sounds like a great idea, I think