Controller inputs for VehicleSeat not working properly

Everytime you drive a car in my game with controller e.g on a computer or Xbox, pressing both RT or LT button makes the car go backwards. Normally pressing RT would work as pressing “W” (drive forwards), while LT would work like “S” button on keyboard (drive backwards).

I investigated this bug now by printing VehicleSeat’s throttle value whenever it changes and it seems to set the throttle value to -1 whenever you press RT or LT, instead of it setting the value to +1 when RT button is pressed and to -1 when LT is pressed.

This bug seems to always happen for me on when playing with a controller on Xbox. I personally tested the bug on with a controller and I’ve also got reports from players.

Able to test the bug with controller here:

This bug started happening for at least 4 days ago, when I first got a report from a player. The cars worked perfectly until this bug appeared.

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