Conversion rate of my game

Lately I have been working on improving many things about my game. Now, I am focussing on increasing the conversion rate of my game. In the last game stats data that roblox sent me(February 2020), the conversion rate was only .55%. I googled what a good conversion rate is, and the results showed that the average is 2%, and a good one is 5%. Both of these numbers are far off from mine. In February, my average play time was 8.64 Min. If the average player is playing for that long, then why aren’t they also buying gamepasses? I know this play time isn’t particularly good, but it isn’t that bad. Since some recent updates, my average play time has increased to 9.68 Min. What can i do to increase the conversion rate?


Give your players something to do every once in a while, so they keep coming back to play more. The more players want to play your game, the more they would feel comfortable purchasing gamepasses.

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The only times I converse is whenever I need information from my fellow peers. If I need to talk to friends, I (and probably many others) will use discord instead of Roblox’s objectively inferior system.

I don’t really understand why conversation rates are even that big of a deal. If you really want to increase them, give reason for people to converse. A good example of this is Project Lazarus: :skull: ZOMBIES :skull:. In this game, there is a weapon box that’ll give you a random weapon in exchange or ingame points. This box can be within five locations and occasionally someone will call out where this box is. While not real conversation, it will improve that number.

bro didn’t mean conversation LOLOLOL, he said Conversion!! Which is the % of user who spend robux onto your game!