Conversions | Easy to use UI scale plugin

Conversions is an easy-to-use UI Scaling plugin with an option to automatically scale UIs

What is UI scaling?

There are two different types of scaling. Scale and Offset.
The AnchorPoint of an object is where it puts the UI based on the size.

Frame where the anchor point is 0, 0 and the position is 0.5, 0, 0.5, 0

Offset uses pixels instead of a percent to position/size UIs.

Frame with a position value of 0, 200, 0, 200
Scaling uses a percent value where 1 is the end of the screen, and 0 is the start.
This is generally better for UIs since it will work on many different resolutions

Manual Scaling
To use select one or more UI elements and click Scale or Offset. A popup should show up if it worked.

Automatic Scaling
Conversions give the option to automatically scale UIs. Whenever a UI element is inserted in the StarterGui it will scale based on your options.


Full UI
Successfully scaling a UI

Source beware it’s messy

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does it use scale or offset? Scale makes it fit in all devices

Not sure what you mean. You just select a UI and can switch between the two.

there is scale and offset of a size of a Gui Object, Scale makes it more fit, while offset keeps the size regardless of screen size

Yeah, this plugin just converts the size/position from one or the other.
e.g a Size of {0, 200},{0, 200} would convert to {0.104, 0},{0.185, 0} on a 1080p screen

Is this any better than autoscale for some reason?

AutoScale has you pay to automatically scale UIs and also this has a better UI. Other than that its just up to you to choose which one you want to use.

There is a free autoscale lite plugin that does the same thing? also it really doesnt have a better UI

Autoscale also adds sizeconstraints, does yours?

UI taste is subjective, I personally like it better. Also, I’m planning on adding size constraints later. I really just made this plugin for fun, and you don’t have to use it if you don’t want.

Oh wow, cool stuff! And plugin usage and tastes are subjective and personal, chill out everyone. Will definitely be trying this plugin out! :slight_smile:

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