Convert 2D hands to 3D in Roblox or Blender?

Hello Developers.

Im new here and this is my first topic, so i want to start with something random :grin:
I want to recreate the drawing of these hands AS IS as it is drawn
I have a question: wich program is easier to recreate it Blender or Roblox Studio? :thinking:

Hand1 Hand2

Where do i need to start and how? :thinking:

this is my first try but i don’t like it at all :confused: :

NOTE: I used CSG Unions to this:

Hope you have a way to do this! :+1:


Blender by a long shot.

With blender you can easily manipulate parts to form something complex.

I suggest starting with the default cube and extruding it into the shape of a hand, or watching a tutorial if you’re newer to blender on how to make hands.


@meteor0id Why a cube? if in the draw is not blocky, it is kinda spheric

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It’s difficult to make a hand out of a sphere, what you can do is make a hand shape with the cube and use the subserf modifier to make it smoother.

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Ok, i will try it, i will watch some blender tutorials :grin:

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The reason why he said use the default cube is because manipulating a UV Sphere is annoying, especially when you are at the top.

UV Sphere


when a deformed cube is easier to handle (in my opinion)

Honestly, those hands would be very easy to make, you just need a bit of extruding and beveling.

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@meteor0id i took a mesh from the library and i edited it a bit, but now i have this issue, how do i fix this?

What is the problem you are referring to?

@meteor0id if you see the previous image, you can see that it has a “gradient” so that is what i want to remove

I still don’t know the source of the problem. What did you change to make it look like that?

@meteor0id I removed some pieces to the mesh and i extruded it

I don’t know. Check the color properties tab? It may be an issue with shading? Overall it doesn’t seem like a huge problem.

@meteor0id how do i get rid of this “hole”?

@meteor0id Nevermind, i solved it. Thanks for the help!

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