Convert A IRL Place Into Roblox?

Hello, scripters! I was wondering if there’s any way to convert an IRL place such as Syndey into Roblox. (With Buildings And Terrain Etc…)

Now I’m not sure about an easy way in the building end, as you’d have to use something like google street view to individually create each building.

But for terrain I highly suggest you use an imported terrain heightmap with a color hieghtmap. Here is a really good tutorial:

It’s by @Eppobot and is very useful and very informative. I’ve used it myself. Big fan. (Hi! :wave:)

Also consider moving this to #help-and-feedback:building-support as it’s more building related.

Anyways I hope this helped you. Stay safe! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

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This is pretty much both. Since you would need scripts to generate the road. Right?

Erm, terrain and buildings seem like what you’re aiming for rather than scripting. Building an entire major city seems much more of a building than a scripting challenge.

Also, for roads, I recommend you use this plugin:

It’s going to be very useful for real-life locations.

Just my suggestion. Cheers again. (≧∇≦)/


Know any way to generate the buildings or terrain like Widgeon did in his AirX 2020 testing place? Seems like it would be helpful to know an answer for some builders.